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Cross-Dressing Demons, 1873

In 1873, Charlotte Goodhall and her two daughters were enjoying an afternoon in the park, somewhere in North London. It was a sunny day and, being ladies of means, they were being driven in a pony carriage. The sun was shining and the flowers were just beginning to bloom. Suddenly, their peace was shattered: CharlotteContinue reading “Cross-Dressing Demons, 1873”

The Generous Ghost, 1867

Seventy-five year old Mrs Lyons was terrified at the start of 1867. Though she was very wealthy, thanks to her deceased husband’s legacy adding to her own fortune, she felt as though she were under a curse. Her husband’s dying words had been to warn her that she would only outlive him by seven years…andContinue reading “The Generous Ghost, 1867”

Encoded Love, 1853

Finding love in the Capital is always a mission, even before the invention of dating apps. However, even more difficult is hiding your relationship from the world if it is considered, for whatever reason, inappropriate. However, one couple in the nineteenth century managed to intrigue the public for nearly a month through their public, yetContinue reading “Encoded Love, 1853”

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