Encoded Love, 1853

Finding love in the Capital is always a mission, even before the invention of dating apps. However, even more difficult is hiding your relationship from the world if it is considered, for whatever reason, inappropriate. However, one couple in the nineteenth century managed to intrigue the public for nearly a month through their public, yetContinue reading “Encoded Love, 1853”

Cats in Court, 1878

William Needham was furious. An animal trainer, Professor Moffat, claimed that his beloved dog was, in fact, his own. Moffat claimed that Needham had stolen his valuable performing terrier, Soot, and after being tracked down the deceitful Needham was refusing to return the dog. The whole affair had lasted for nine months. Moffat summoned NeedhamContinue reading “Cats in Court, 1878”

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